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Mr. Montgomery - Chemistry                Today's Assignment      

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Thermite Reaction


(Click on the image to see the video.)

You use Chemistry everyday! OK, so maybe you don't know that you do. But people who do know chemistry have designed things you use everyday.  For example:



The people who designed the display monitor you are using to read this, know chemistry and decided what substances to use to produce the colors you see.

Printed Material

Perhaps you are reading this from a printed page instead of a computer screen. The people who designed the machine that printed the page, be it copier or printer, know chemistry and physics, and used that knowledge to design a toner or ink cartridge that help put this page in your hand.


Much of the food which is part of our modern society is developed and packaged by people with a working knowledge of chemistry.  Chemistry is involved in producing foods which are both safe and desirable to eat.  I personally was involved with helping my father do some basic research which lead to the development of a substance to help prevent bananas from turning brown when dried.


From lipstick, to mascara, to perfume, the people who develop these products have a knowledge of chemistry, biology and fashion.  It is a challenge to develop products at low cost that are both appealing and safe to use.

So, this is just a few examples. However, you might notice a common theme through all these examples.  The people described in these examples are all involved in research and/or development.  One can use any of the products described above with little or no knowledge of chemistry.  However, to invent and develop these products does require an intimate understanding of chemistry.  One of the goals of this course is to help you see the potential of chemistry in everyday life and see yourself as a potential developer, instead of just a user.

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